Governing Body

The Hitkarini Law College , Jabalpur is an institution established since 1933 by an educational society Hitkarini Sabha with the object of providing high quality education in the legal domain. The Law College is founded on real life challenges. It is an institution that is devoted to prepare a generation of law professionals capable of facing future demands confidently. Its distinguished faculty is fully committed to their assignment. It takes pride in maintaining an exceptional Legal learning and Legal research environment.

In Our Governing Body


Advocate Shri Ramesh Kumar Shrivastava


Shri Vishwamohan Ji


Shri Nakhlesh Upadhyay


Shri Rakesh Kumar Tiwari


Dr. Anand Tiwari

University Member

Dr. R.C.Mourya (Dept. of Chemistry)

Senior Advocate Shri Rajendra Tiwari

Teacher Representatives

Shri Madhur Shukla (Advocate)

Secretary/ Principal

Smt. Jayshree Mukherjee