Each organization has its key people whose knowledge is indispensable, such know-how or deep smarts-is hard-earned from years of experience in diverse situations it cannot be packaged and sold out or taught in a class room. There are how ever, strategies for recreating deep, smart students so that they and the organization are prepared for the future challenges.


1. Smt.Jay Shree-M.Sc. LL.M. Leading Practitioner has about 23 years of

experience in different subject of Law Ex Govt. pleader post(Fast Track) court and lecturer in Hitkarini Law College, Jabalpur 1993, ex student of Hitkarini Law College, Jabalpur


2.Mr Saurabh Tiwari – LL.M.

3.Smt Manjari Mishra – LL.M., Lecturer in Hitkarini Law College.

4.Smt. Khushboo Singh – LL.M., Lecturer in Hitkarini Law College.

5.Ku. Preeti Gupta – Guest Faculty

6.Smt. Arpita Dutta – Guest Faculty

7.Shri Madhur Shukla – Guest Faculty




Shri K.K.Guru Sn. Accountant

Shri Devendra Pandey Clerk

Mr. Arvind Sahu Computer Operator

Smt. Kirti Kori Librarian

Shri Jitendra Kanonjia Peon

Shri RamBabu Peon

Shri Mansingh Rajput Peon