Hitkarini Sabha

A vision that made the difference 136 year in tune with time. Hitkarini sabha, Jabalpur for the first time ushered into the history book, in the year 1868, eleven years after india’s freedom movement. Hitkarini sabha is now managing 7 colleges, 16 schools and one computer center , enrolling more than 13,000 students and employing more then 1500 teachers and staff. Hitkarini Sabha is a leading nationalist educational conglomerate of central india in Jabalpur with a unique contribution to the freedom movement and has promoted the moral, social and intellectual interests and well being of the people, by extending literary and teaching knowledge. Hitkarini sabha is imparting value based education in the field of law, science, commerce, computer, engineering, nursing and dental. Hitkarini Sabha is fulfilling its commitments towards social mission by providing the students a unique opportunity to equip themelves for a rewarding career in the society, industry, business, research and development.